David Topping is responsible for the B3 Strategy and Positioning Service which enables clients to understand how they fit in their markets and create practical competitive differentiation. David is also the primary B Cubed technologist having worked in information technology for 30 years. A highly experienced Product Director and marketing strategist and hands-on manager he has held COO, CMO, SVP Marketing and Product Director roles in companies such as Scala Business Solutions, update.com, Bloor Research, Scopus, BT and IBM. He has a track record launching new products and product categories and of taking companies into new markets, both conceptual and physical: - he has spent a significant part of his working career in mainland Europe and the US and speaks multiple languages. For the last several years David has been involved with Cybersecurity, as a COO of an Information Security software start-up and as the VP Marketing of German Information Security company Brainloop AG. One of the co-authors of British Standard 10010 (Information Classification, Marking and Handling) he is a frequent conference speaker and commentator on Cybersecurity topics.

Key points:

  • Pioneer who took DB2 database management system onto non IBM platforms
  • In-depth knowledge of B2B, public and defence sectors and ERP, CRM, SCM, Infrastructure Middleware, Data Management and Warehousing and extra enterprise internet business processes.

David's areas of expertise:

  • Strategy – Market analysis and positioning
  • Technology – product development and improvement, cybersecurity expert, Standards co-author
  • Marketing – Strategic and hands on tactical materials development