At BCubed we work how you need us to work, as little or as much as you need.  But one of our big advantages is that we really are a team.  Typically, one of our partners will introduce us and find out as much about your business and your desired outcomes as possible.  The overlap in team skills allows any of us to make an initial assessment of what BCubed could do for you and which partner or combination of partners will best deliver those outcomes.

After an introduction, the whole team discusses what our recommendations are and who will best help our clients and they’re the partners who take the work forward.

From there it’s up to you as a client to agree how a project should run, but always in the certainty that unlike individual contractors we can back each other up, and unlike large consulting firms we’re outcome based, not hours based.

What makes us special?

We’re practitioner-managers.  Whether you need strategy or feet on the ground, the same people deliver it.  We don’t write unachievable, unaffordable plans because we’re the people who have to carry them out.  Even where a part of a project requires specialised skills we can deliver from our network of associates, all of who are individual or companies we work with on a regular basis.