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Knowing who you are

As a coach I have worked with hundreds of people one to one as a coach. As a speaker I’ve addressed thousands more. What I constantly find is people waste a lifetime wrestling with an idea of who they are and who they feel that they should be.
I point out that if an item of clothing were too tight, baggy or cumbersome you’d soon discard it. But yet we lumber around with a nonsense sense of who we are.

These ideas that are first given, then conditioned that you then take on and carry around – for a lifetime if you are not careful. Many waste a fortune trying to change or finetune this idea or come to terms with it rather than seeing it for what it is, letting it be as a story.

My life’s work is to invite people to wipe their eyes, dry their eyes and look within. Why spend a lifetime looking without for what resides within.

Read the full article on Rasheed’s blog here.

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