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Michael Taite’s talk at TechUK lights fires

At techUK in June 2017, Michael – supported by Rasheed as both MC and workshop facilitator – gave a talk on his company’s unique, Beatles-inspired, BRAVE = SAFE approach to helping companies identify and build upon what is most special about them.

Entitled The Beatles Theory of Creativity, the two hour session was attended by representatives of some 20 techUK members. Subsequent feedback was so positive that Neville Merritt, head of techUK’s Marketing Group, said it was amongst “the best sessions we have ever had”. The photos here were all taken during the session and Michael’s follow-up note is copied below.

As my presentation was almost entirely images, a download of it probably wouldn’t help much. Instead, having had lots of feedback (for which many thanks), I wanted to share with you perhaps the biggest ‘take home’ that I got out of the session. This was a reminder that:

The process of pulling what is authentic about you into the spotlight, imposes a discipline which crystallises that distinction, making it more real and more valuable.

To explain:
The first step in the BRAVE = SAFE process is to identify what is most distinctive and authentic about your business and its products or services, then:
a) consider dropping anything which conflicts with, or dilutes, those qualities and…
b) highlight and make robust the authentic, distinctive qualities.

The second point is especially important because genuine distinctions often develop organically and are a bit, well, vague. Putting them under the spotlight forces you into a little due diligence, making them easier for others to trust and appreciate.

For the Beatles, announcing that they’d never record cover versions again, removed the easy ‘album filler’ option of recording good songs by others. They had to write every song and, with no one else to blame, every song had to be good. Similarly: For a law firm client of ours, suggesting that they say (in a tender for a large contract):
“The cases you place with us will be handled, day-to-day, by individuals with more experience than at any other firm you might choose.”

…forced the partners to check the veracity of what had, until then, been an idle boast. It was true and became central to the confidence with which they talked about themselves.

And for us here at Blue Moon, being reminded during the workshop last week of the importance of this part of what is an on-going process saw me, at 7am on Saturday, on the gov.uk webite, registering BRAVE = SAFE as a trademark!

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