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Will ISO 9001 Certification Deliver Tangible Benefits?

Quality is applicable to every industry, so it’s little wonder that ISO9001 is the widely recognised standard. It identifies that a company is focused on the continuous monitoring, management and improvement of quality across all operations. This is reassuring for customers, but does it bring any direct benefits to the company?

At present over 1 million organisations in 170 countries proudly display ISO 9001 Certificates and reap the rewards. The companies below offer a taste of the benefits that ISO 9001 Certification can bring:

Agua Fabrics

Established for over 70 years, this London textiles company has stood the test of time. With ISO 9001 becoming a pre-requisite for an increasing number of corporate customers, the company decided to take action.

Having achieved ISO certification, they’ve identified that ISO advisers supported the simplification of many internal processes. This enhanced efficiency, improved customer relations and led to increased cash flow. New business opportunities are now presenting themselves and this has reflected positively on the company’s profits.

Costain Group

Costain Group offer engineering solutions to support the UK’s energy, water and transport infrastructure. The company have undertaken research into the impact that achieving ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO/EIC 27001, ISO 14001 and BS18001 certification.

The data suggests a number of clear advantages including:

• Carbon emissions have reduced by 46% in 4 years
• Security incidents have dropped by 72% since 2010
• Waste has been lowered by 53%, with 93% of waste now diverted from landfill
• Accident rates have declined by 47% in 5 years

In addition, customer satisfaction has increased to 84%, with 90% of work being repeat business. There have also been a greater number of opportunities to participate in joint ventures and partnerships.

The organisation noted that the standards gave a structure to risk identification across the business. They could then put energy into managing these risks effectively, rather than defending existing business practices. They highlight that the more effort you put into the ISO process, the more you’ll get back.

Sheds Ground Maintenance

As a small company, competing with larger organisations can be a challenge. Sheds Ground Maintenance saw ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as a viable route to gain market position. The company is committed to offering consistently high standards of workmanship to its customers and the quality standard was a means of evidencing this.

It is increasingly common for ISO Certification to be a mandatory requirement for clients. Since gaining certification, the company has been able to facilitate a greater number of tenders and strengthen bids. They see the quality standards as being a vital component in gaining competitive advantage.


Smart technology is a rapidly expanding industry, but this Smart programme and software company credit the role of ISO certification in their growth. The business owners state that the ‘helicopter view’ of ISO assessors was vital for identifying areas for improvement. They could then channel energy and funds where it counts.

Having started with ISO 9001, Novacroft realised that the certification process enabled them to reduce risks, provide client assurance and build a credible and reliable business model. They have since worked towards ISO 14001, BS 11000, BS 65000 and ISO/IEC 27001. They recognise that these standards have acted as a springboard to take the business to the next level. This is reflected in their plan to double the company’s finances in two years, which they are on track to achieve.

ISO Certification: Not a ‘Tick-Box’ Exercise

These examples provide a valuable insight into the benefits that could be achieved if you see ISO certification as an opportunity to improve your business and prepare it for the future. Far more than a tick-box exercise, it is a means of growing and developing your organisation in a sustainable way.

From small, local businesses to national and international corporations, ISO 9001 along with industry specific ISO standards can support the route to success.

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