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Strategies for growth

Don’t do more work, do the right work. Is your strategy and market positioning the best it can be?

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Establishing the right London contacts, resources and networks

London is a world city. The opportunities are huge, understanding how it works and how to best use those millions of opportunities can be daunting. We can show you how to make the most of it.

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Market research: your business, your products, markets, clients and rivals

Guessing about how your customers think of you, or your products just isn’t an option. Finding out what the market actually values gives you the ability to fully differentiate your business.

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Coaching for key individuals and teams

People buy from people. Making the most of how your company works together, how you present it to the outside world and understanding yourself are just as important as a good product or service.

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Strategic use of ISO/BSI standards

Are standards and processes a bureaucratic exercise or are they possibly the way to streamline your business, guarantee continuity and enable growth?

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Branding and marketing: from core message copywriting to campaign management

Once you know what you’re doing, are you doing it the best way? Do you get the maximum impact from the way your customers perceive you?

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Virtual sales office

BCUBED has 30 years experience of launching new vendors into the UK and Europe and a network of distributors and resellers that can be leveraged to rapidly build a presence.

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Virtual sales director

BCUBED has learned what it takes for sales managers to get optimal results through 30 years of experience in the technology sector.

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Sales coaching

The sales process has changed radically in the past ten years. The information age has shifted the balance of power from the seller to the buyer. Has your sales team kept pace with the developments in social selling? Is your sales team adding value?

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