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Market Insight

B Cubed Market Insight Service is focused on finding our clients specific new sales opportunities.

Key Benefits:

  • Finding and developing our client’s market ‘hot-spots’ and uncovering specific areas for growth.
  • Providing businesses with a competitive advantage by identifying their USP’s and showing how to build these into winning communications and growth strategy.
  • Undertaking proprietorial research for clients, thereby elevating their market expertise, presence, and supplying material for PR and events.
  • KyteMark delivers quick results using an approach we’ve developed called Pathfinder.

    Pathfinder is a ‘mix-n-match’ suite of 4 research products which includes us; interviewing existing customers, speaking to potential new prospects, evaluating competitors and assessing new market events.

    Pathfinder is especially suited to firms seeking new revenue streams from untapped markets, such as international companies looking to build sales in the UK. It’s also used by organisations who are launching new products or services and who need both market feedback and a revenue return from their investment.

    The service is affordable for all budgets and can be delivered in as little as 4 weeks.

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