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Sales & lead generation

Virtual sales office for new technology vendors

If you are planning on expanding into London you may need a flexible, cost-effective partner to help you to get off to a fast start.

Our experience of land and expand strategies will enable growing vendors to rapidly expand sales into high growth technology markets.

We will agree a sales and marketing plan with you and then provide feet on the street that can scale with your business and hand it over to a permanent office when the time is right.

BCubed has a tried and tested 3 step process to ensuring a successful market launch:

  • Sales Strategy and Assessment
  • No company, product or service should ever fail due to being unprepared. Our Sales Readiness Assessment is a tool your business can use to measure your readiness for going to market and being successful.

Our Sales Strategy Services Include:

  • Identify your target market and ideal client
  • Discover the value you bring to your potential client
  • Examine our existing sales tools, processes and capacity to grow
  • Evaluate your messaging and existing sales plans
  • Identify areas for improvement and growth
  • Map all of our findings in an actionable summary that you can actually use
  • Market Introduction
  • You need a core group of early adopters for your beta or pilot program and we can help you get them! We will find you those important first beta clients & pilot customers so you can gather feedback and market intelligence to iterate and grow.

Our Market Introduction Services Include:

  • Finding you beta clients and pilot customers
  • Market research, gathering insight and information
  • Hands-on help converting market intelligence into actionable items
  • Ongoing pilot program management
  • Clear and distinct next steps for you and your team
  • Secure Leads and Opportunities
  • You need leads and opportunities to scale. We will help you find and close those opportunities, or we can transition great qualified leads over to you and your team to close. We don’t just give you advice on how to build sales, we build them on your behalf.

Our Sales Services include:

  • Opportunity Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Full Outsourced Sales Team

Clients & Associations

Organisations come to us when they want to win.
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