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Strategies for growth

Most companies have some sort of Strategy and Positioning. After all you’re in business and making sales. But B3 is about ‘Building Better Business’ and the Strategy and Positioning service (B3 S&P) provides companies with a reasoned and pragmatic view of how they and their products work in the overall market. The S&P services allows a company to define its own position, perception and messages to create a competitive differentiation and avoid being pigeonholed as “just another xxx”.

Often companies adopt a positioning based on a ‘Menu View’, they know their product and have been dealing with customers who know what they want, they choose from the menu available. It’s difficult to move away from what is known and position yourself with an overview. Customers don’t always buy on price, features or functionality of a product but on a mix of requirements that make up an ‘offering’.

B3 S&P helps define this total offering; How does your widget stack up against a new car? Well for business owner deciding whether to treat themselves or re-invest in the business it might have to. B3 S&P enables a business to appeal to customers who actually want what you’ve got. Instead of generating contacts it allows you to generate leads. Trying to sell to a contact who has misunderstood what you can offer leads to “Phantom Sales Cycles” and wasted effort.

Finally, when it comes to external communication, having a clear compelling message that your whole business gives out consistently is the holy grail of marketing communications.

B3 S&P is a standalone service – its designed as a basis for better engaging with the market, whether it’s the prospects, customers or opinion leaders. It’s also as a lead in to the B3 Virtual Sales Director Service, the B3 Marketing Services and the B3 Business Development Service for those clients making full use of B3. At every stage B3 S&P is cross checked against our other go to market disciplines.

B3 Strategy & Positioning Service:

Market overview

  • What is the market your customer sees?
  • How do you compare to the competitors you haven’t noticed?
  • Is the actual market big enough to support you?


  • Where do you fit in the market?
  • What are the metrics? Price, Functionality, Speed of delivery?
  • What do you offer
  • What should you offer

Customer resonance Messaging

  • What do your customers need to hear from you?

Simplified Messaging

  • The most appealing message in the shortest format

Single sentence

  • The so-called elevator pitch

Short Paragraph

  • Used in all marketing materials and verbally in conversation

Differential phrases

  • The words and phrases that differentiate an offering by questioning a competitors offering

Where now?

  • Is there a direction you should take to avoid the competition?
  • Is there a market that uniquely needs your offering?

Product shortfalls

  • How does your product or offering stack up against a (limited) selection of your competitors?
  • Against what they say they do?
  • Against what we can see that they do?

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